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I feel like SM Entertainment wants EXO to be the next Dong Bang Shin Ki.

i feel like SM isn’t being fair to SHINee, I don’t feel like they’re letting them grow to their full potential. SHINee is so talented, I’ve been watching the latest videos of Taemin and Minho singing; they used to be considered the least vocally talented, and now they’re absolutely amazing, they’ve grown so much, but SM keeps on giving them kid songs, that, while they’re fun and I like the new album, I feel like they’re being held back. I want to see a sexy side of SHINee, I want to see them grow, I want to see them step up from happy songs like Hello and To Your Heart. I want to hear more ballads, more sexy songs. They’ve been working so hard for almost 4 years and still only sing one type of music.

But Kai and EXO are different, it’s like SM wants them to be the next Dong Bang Shin Ki, they’ve immediately thrown Kai into incredibly sensual and hard dances that I KNOW Taemin could do just as well, if not better, and giving him all of these singing solos and these incredibly sexy songs that I know SHINee could do.

I don’t dislike Kai, or EXO, I love the music, but it just frustrates me, because everytime I hear a new SHINee song it’s the same exact thing. I love them all, they mean the world to me, but I can’t stand seeing them held back like this.

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posted on March 4, 2012
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    are we listening to the same shinee, girl? it’s been 4 years and they sing the same type of music? have you ever...
  7. xxprotoplasmxx said: AGREED!!!!!! to like the max! The only song that you could say is sexy by SHINee is Lucifer. Maybe even RingDingDong. But I also want to see them grow and not just to bubblegum pop songs. The SHINee boys are definitely not innocent. TIME TO SHOW IT!
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